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VJ Scientific Unveils New X-Ray Cannabis Decontamination Machine



X-ray technology company VJ Group announced on Wednesday that it has launched VJ Scientific, a new cannabis division that will provide product decontamination equipment to the regulated marijuana industry. The company also revealed the new enterprise’s initial product offering, which it characterized as “a revolutionary non-thermal, non-chemical cannabis decontamination machine.” Dubbed the CX-1000, the new cannabis decontamination solution will be debuted next month at MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

Commercial cannabis cultivation carries the risk of contamination from an array of biological sources, including yeasts, mold and bacteria. To protect consumers from the potentially harmful effects of these contaminants, many states that have legalized cannabis production have enacted legislation requiring cannabis products to pass laboratory tests for contamination before they enter the market. Nationally, up to 15% of cannabis flower fails yeast and mold testing, according to information from Trichome Analytical. Failed tests can result in loss from required product disposal, fines, product liability litigation, reputational harm and in some situations, loss of a company’s license to produce cannabis.

Don Naugler, director of technology and founding member of VJ Scientific, says that the company collaborated with the cannabis industry to develop the CX-1000.

“We worked directly with major cannabis cultivators to develop technology to solve the specific challenges they face,” Naugler said in a statement from the company. “Meeting with growers, distributors, researchers as well as decontamination experts in the food industry helps us create solutions tailored to the cannabis industry’s unique needs.”

VJ Group is a leading global provider of high-tech X-ray solutions for some of the largest companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics manufacturing, food and defense industries, providing a comprehensive range of innovative X-ray systems, solutions and services for businesses around the world. VJ Scientific has developed proprietary X-ray technology for the CX-1000 that gives cannabis cultivators an effective processing solution to safely clean cannabis by remediating microbiological growth on cannabis flower.

Irradiating Cannabis For Decontamination

Using radiation such as x-rays is not a new method to ensure that cannabis is free of microbial contamination, although it does pose some marketing challenges. But Naugler says that the “CX-1000 has many technical and operational advantages compared to current cannabis irradiation options available.”

He notes that the system has been designed to work with the user’s existing cannabis processing bins, a feature that saves time and minimizes handling, helping to prevent damage to the cannabis flower. The patent-pending dual-sided irradiation design delivers uniform X-ray dosage, assuring thorough decontamination and maximizing throughput without overprocessing. Irradiation of cannabis is safe for both operator and consumer. The CX-1000 thoroughly and uniformly irradiates cannabis, inactivating dangerous mold and microbes with 99.9% effectiveness.

“Built-in process sensing automatically compensates for variations in product density, depth, moisture content and other factors to deliver the optimal X-ray exposure without operator intervention,” Naugler writes in an email. “Unmatched multi-platform monitoring software is accessible by mobile, desktop and the built-in GUI for local and remote access to live and historic data. Ultimately, these differentiators are a result of VJ Scientific working directly with cannabis industry professionals to develop new technology solutions specifically for their needs.”

VJ Scientific reports that the CX-1000’s heatless and chemical-free pathogen management system protects the quality of cannabis flower, with no burns, decarboxylation, chemical residue or change in potency, flavor, color or effect. Integrated multi-platform software available on mobile or desktop and installed in the machine allows for real-time remote monitoring, while detailed data logs provide traceability of product over time.

The CX-1000 will officially launch on November 16th when the VJ Scientific team unveils the machine in person on the first day of MJBizCon in Las Vegas, the largest cannabis trade show in the world. The company will be exhibiting at MJBizCon booth #11142 South Hall Upper Level.

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