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Sioux Falls second medical cannabis dispensary, CannaCare, now open



CannaCare, a new medical cannabis dispensary, has opened near The Empire Mall, becoming the second one of its kind in Sioux Falls.

The opening of the dispensary was pushed back several months multiple times, according to Samantha Ellington, an employee at CannaCare. 

Currently, the dispensary has 17 flower options along with seven vape options. CannaCare gets its flower product from Shangri-La in Brandon and Pure Bliss out of Tea.

“That’s kind of something that I’ve learned in this journey, because this is my first business venture on my own, and [that’s really] honoring the local people,” CannaCare Owner Joey Setterholm said.

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Concentrates have been largely lagging in the market due to supply issues, according to multiple businesses. But state-licensed dispensaries are slowly starting to introduce those such as vape cartridges into the market.

Consumers are also looking for edibles, something that hasn’t quite been on the market yet. But that’s expected to change – and soon.

“I think a lot of the medical patients really want to be on the edible side of it rather than the smokable side,” Setterholm said. “Fifty percent of the calls go from ‘Are you open?’ to ‘Do you have edibles?’ Like that’s the exact conversation. Hopefully, when we get some edibles, that’ll be good.”

CannaCare sells both flower and vape cartridges.

The business is anticipating gummies, caramels and tinctures to arrive in the near future. Setterholm said he expects a wave of cultivators to “come online” at the end of October and into November.

“That’ll really help the selection and really help the prices,” Setterholm said. “So that’ll be good to see.”

Earlier this year, Flower Shop Dispensary opened, becoming the first medical marijuana dispensary in Sioux Falls. Unity Rd. in Hartford, also opened earlier this year.

CannaCare is open seven days a week from 8 a.m., to 10 p.m. and located at 3215 S. Carolyn Ave. in Sioux Falls. The business is locally-owned and operated.

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