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New regulations on medicinal marijuana



FULTONVILLE N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday the Cannabis Control Board of New York approved new grow regulations to support medical marijuana patients and caregivers. And with those new regulations comes a whole bunch of new ways that cannabis growers can do it at home. NEWS 10 takes you inside a hydroponic shop in Fulton County to learn the safest and most effective ways to grow weed at home.

“It’s not necessarily a newer technology people been doing it for years,”

Owner Kelly Guisti telling NEWS10 more new customers are coming to the shop, but many have already been growing with hydroponics.

“We see a lot more customers and we’re getting new customers daily,” said Guisti.

NEWS 10 took a tour and found what was needed for a hydroponic grow station.

“You’ll need your growing medium whether it’s Hydroton, which is clay pebbles, or your Cocoa Core bricks,” continued Guisti.

“5 gallon or 2 gallons with the sets we have and then the 55-gallon drum,” said Guisti.

 Turns out there is more to growing with hydro than you would think. If not careful in your process things can go wrong.

“You got to take care of your equipment and make sure you don’t have any leaks,” says Kelly.

Plus, there’s other concerns that affect your plants.

“Their tanks getting funky like having like algae and bacteria growing in it or the water if you have like well water the water can start to smell,” says Melissa.

“Hydro is good, but I prefer soil myself,” exclaims Kelly.

Average cost for hydroponics at home, about 500 bucks. But there are other options

“Just a setup for you to have a room so but it comes with like a 400-watt light which is LED, so they are low cost and an energy efficient they come with All the good diodes”

Safety an issue as of late with fentanyl circulating in the us. That is why being able to regulate their own weed supply is more effective in safeness and quality.

“Growing your own the way to you know what exactly what’s in it,” says Kelly Guisti

“The only one you can count on is yourself you know what you do you don’t know what somebody else does,” said Melissa Guisti

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