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Lucky Leaf Expo allows networking opportunities for medical marijuana industry in Mississippi



JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Patients aren’t able to access medical marijuana in Mississippi just yet. But the wheels are already in motion for the business side of the industry.

The green carpet is rolled out for the Lucky Leaf Expo at the Jackson Convention Center.

“It’s connecting everybody together,” explained Lucky Leaf Expo partner Chad Flaieh. “We also have seminars here. We have speakers from all over the nation that has come to speak on banking, taxes, cultivation, retail, and anything that you need to know about the cannabis industry or the Mississippi industry and how to get in, you’ll find it here at the show. You can find all your resources here at the show. That’s the beautiful part about it.”

Both those who have already bought in and those looking to do so are able to interact as part of the trade show.

“I’m from Jackson, Mississippi,” noted Kayla Davis. “I lived in Colorado for the last two and a half years to get in the industry just to learn and become more experienced. So, I moved down here when medical cannabis became legal to become a processor.”

There’s everything from seminars with industry experts to businesses selling grow lights and seeds. And it allows everyone from dispensaries to growers and processes to connect

“We’ve done a lot of connecting them with experts from other states of how to do it right,” said Ken Newburger, Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association Executive Director. “And now it’s time for them to start connecting with each other about how to serve Mississippi.”

Even doctors like Kirk Kinard are working to learn who his patients will ultimately be getting their products from.

“It’s easy for all of us to see the importance of each cog in the wheel,” noted Dr. Kinard. “What I want to know from them, is that if they advertise through our clinic, which is now allowed, really want to almost vet that person. I would like to know a little bit about where the patients are going. So that is important to me.”

And the expo is a window into what many expect to be an economic boom for the state.

“Mississippi has the lower lowest barrier to will the second lowest barrier to entry as far as how much it will cost to get into the industry for businesses,” Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association Executive Director Melvin C. Robinson, III. “And we also have a lot wider patient access and a lot more products patients can buy compared to the other states that surround us.”

Lucky Leaf Expo continues at the Jackson Convention Center Saturday from 10 am-5 pm. More details can be found here.

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