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Caring for Your Boundless Terp Pen



The possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to consume your cannabis. Smoking flower continues to be a popular option, but the categories of edibles and vapes continue to grow rapidly year after year. This is largely due to more consumers looking for non-smoking options. Vaporizer pens are one of the most popular options when it comes to cannabis consumption because of their ease of use, versatility, and affordability.

When it comes to selecting the best vaporizer for you, there are, of course, several to choose from. If you are someone who enjoys vaping concentrates, the Boundless Terp Pen is a must-have. It is extremely portable, able to easily fit in your pocket or purse. It is also powerful and long-lasting, providing reliable doses of cannabis relief wherever and whenever you need safe access. To ensure long-term, reliable use of your Terp Pen, it is essential to understand how to use and care for this state-of-the-art pen.

Why Use the Terp Pen?

The Boundless Terp Pen is used to vape concentrate waxes. While there are a variety of concentrate devices currently available on the market, the Boundless Terp Pen is one of the most convenient. If you are newer to the cannabis vaping world, it’s important to note that concentrate vaping is a bit different than using other vaping cartridges that line the product walls of your local dispensary.

A standard vape pen can be used with any cartridge that has 510 threading. This allows the user the convenience of selecting any of the various cartridges from different companies on the market, ranging in flavor and potency. Concentrate pens, on the other hand, allow consumers to use their own concentrates. Concentrates are also available in a wide range of flavors and potencies.

Cartridge use is fairly simple, in that cartridges are easily screwed into a charged vape pen and then ready for use. Concentrate pens are simple in a different way, as the user just applies the concentrate directly to the heated coils on the pen itself.

Many consumers are moving to concentrate vape pens over cartridges, due to the sheer variety of concentrates available as well as the purity of modern concentrates. While cartridges often utilize necessary additives to thin and flavor the vape solution, concentrates are free of additives. These characteristics provide greater control over your product and peace of mind that you know exactly what is entering your body.

The most popular features of the Boundless Terp Pen include:

  • Instant heat-up
  • No buttons, activated on inhale
  • 100% medical-grade stainless steel
  •  No butane needed, completely rechargeable pen
  • Convenient micro-USB charging

How Do You Use Terp Pens?

The Boundless Terp Pen was specifically developed for consuming cannabis concentrates, and perfect for experienced and beginner users alike. All you need to do is unscrew the metal cap, breathe in via the mouthpiece, and graze the concentrate of your choice with the ceramic heating coil. When inhaling, the indicator light will turn a solid blue to let you know that the breath sensor is activated.  

We recommend starting small the first few times you apply the coil to your concentrate. This helps you to better control your dosage and get a feel for how each dose works for you. If you are new to concentrates, you may be surprised at how little you need to achieve the same results as other methods of consumption.

How Do I Clean My Boundless Terp Pen?

It is important to clean your Terp Pen after every few sessions to remove any excess concentrate, or what is left of the concentrate called reclaim. This will help you ensure your pen is working as effectively as possible and also can increase the lifespan of your pen. To get started, you’ll want to have some cleaning supplies on hand first. This includes:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towel
  • Cleaning tools — these tools come with the unit for removing extra reclaim.

Start by disassembling the pen, removing the cap, coil, mouthpiece, and sheath from the base. As you go, use the isopropyl alcohol and paper towel to start wiping down each piece of your pen, starting with your mouthpiece and then moving to parts like the coil, this helps ensure you don’t get other parts sticky You can also use cotton swabs or Q-tips to work on trouble spots. You’ll want to take your time to make sure that no concentrate or paper towel pieces are left behind, otherwise you risk dabbing paper or leftover ISO. 

Once you’ve carefully cleaned every nook and cranny, thoroughly dry all pieces. Then, get started reassembling. There is no specific order you must follow when re-assembling your Terp Pen.

Boundless Terp Pen FAQ’s

As you can see, the process used to clean your Boundless Terp Pen is fairly simple. However, before you begin using your pen, it is essential to know the ins and outs of Terp Pen use, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the Boundless Terp Pen.

Can I Soak My Terp Pen Pieces?

You’ll likely find resources online that suggest soaking the pieces of your pen in isopropyl alcohol. While this can help make the cleaning process faster in the short term, the manufacturers of this pen suggest against it. Soaking could potentially allow isopropyl alcohol to soak into the hardware, and this could cause permanent damage to your pen. Simply wiping the components of the pen with alcohol is effective enough on its own.

How Often Should I Clean My Terp Pen?

The manufacturer advises cleaning your coil once a week for optimal performance. However, keep in mind that how often you should clean your pen depends on how often you use it, since you’ll need to clean when too much concentrate gets built up within the pen. If you use the Terp Pen as your primary source of cannabis consumption, you’ll likely need to clean it more often than if it only sees occasional use. In general, if you notice you are having a hard time getting your pen to work efficiently, it may be time for a cleaning.

How Can I Keep My Pen Clean Between Sessions?

There are certainly ways to keep your pen clean between uses. This can help you avoid having to perform a full-scale clean quite as often. A good habit to develop is wiping down the airpath with rubbing alcohol every few sessions. This is where the bulk of the buildup can occur and cleaning this specific area regularly can help your pen go longer stretches between full cleanings.

What Makes The Heating Coil Unique?

Concentrate pens all use some type of heating chamber or bowl. The Boundless Terp Pen stands apart from the rest in that it relies on an exposed ceramic coil. This coil is applied directly to your choice of concentrate. In this way, the Boundless Terp Pen is a convenient method of enjoying whichever concentrate you choose.

Why Is My Terp Pen Blinking?

The Terp Pen uses a simple light to indicate the various needs of your vaporizer pen. When you use the mouthpiece, the light will turn blue to indicate that the pen is active. The light will start to blink when your pen requires charging. This helps you avoid a dead battery when on the go. When your Terp Pen is charging, the light will blink continuously until it is fully charged. The light should stop blinking once the unit is fully charged.

How Long Does The Terp Pen Take To Charge?

Charging is a breeze with the included micro-USB charger. You’ll find the USB port located near the mouthpiece. Once plugged in, the Boundless Terp Pen takes about 45 minutes to become fully charged from empty.

How Do I Know If My Boundless Terp Pen Is Fully Charged?

The blue indicator light will turn a solid blue when your pen is fully charged. Remember, it is normal for this light to blink while actively charging.

How Do You Unclog a Boundless Terp Pen?

Clogging doesn’t happen frequently, but is normal when using a concentrate vape pen. The Boundless Terp Pen comes with various tools to help you unclog your pen, should it become necessary. The provided tools fit inside the small air holes that you can see on your ceramic coil. Using the provided tools and isopropyl alcohol is a gentle way to clean out any concentrate that could be lodged in the coil.

How Long Do Boundless Terp Pen Coils Last?

How long your coil will last depends on a variety of factors, including how often you use your pen, and how well you care for it. It is generally recommended to replace your coil every 2-12 weeks. If your coil is on the verge of replacement, you’ll likely notice a change in hit quality when it comes to inhaling your concentrates. If you notice you have to draw from the pen more often, or if you aren’t getting a clean flavor, it may be time to replace the coil.

Moving To The Boundless Terp Pen

The Boundless Terp Pen is a great option for those who want a powerful, long-lasting option for cannabis concentrate consumption. Users also love the ability to enjoy their choice of extract without having to rely on a complex system.

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