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Cannabis co. joins local business for ‘baked’ goods



SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A popular Sioux Falls bakery, well known for its booze-infused baking, is set to venture into a different type of ‘baking’, partnering with Dakota Herb, a Brandon based cannabis company.

The partnership is still in its early phases, but Holly Jorgenson, one of the co-owners of Intoxibakes, the bakery in question, says they are “super excited.” The two companies will be working together in the near future to produce medical edibles for those with medical cards.

Jorgenson spoke with KELOLAND on the phone this week, helping to provide details on the bakery end. The first thing to understand is that customers will not be stopping by the bakery’s downtown Sioux Falls location to purchase cannabis-infused goodies. Jorgenson says that Intoxibakes will not be a front-facing partner in the business, but will rather be doing wholesale, producing the edibles to be sold in South Dakota dispensaries.

Intoxibakes will also not be baking the goods in their downtown location, but will instead be utilizing a Dakota Herb facility.

“We have our county manufacturing license, for Lincoln County,” said Dalton Grimmius CEO at Dakota Herb. “We’re kind of working through the state process currently.”

Grimmius says as early as January 2023, Dakota Herb will be ready to supply Intoxibakes with the raw ingredients to make their products.

In terms of products, Grimmius says that after talking with the Intoxibakes team, they’re looking at cakes, brownies, rice crispy bars and gummies.

Jorgenson says that while they haven’t been able to work with marijuana yet, they have been doing some testing with hemp in order to figure out what they can make.

Jorgenson also shared something that might surprise some fans of the boozy bakery. “This was always in our plan,” she said. Asked to elaborate, Jorgenson said that she considered boozy baking a good first step, but that even five years ago when they started the business, they’d had an intention of moving into the cannabis market.

This is of course welcome news for Dakota Herb, who finds value in the unique type of baking that Intoxibakes specializes in. “Anybody can make an edible,” said Grimmius “but you have to be pretty good at what you’re doing to make an edible taste good.”

Asked which is more difficult, baking with alcohol or THC, Jorgenson said that the THC was definitely more of a challenge. This is because, with alcohol, you can just go out and buy pre-bottled drinks that can then be inserted into the recipe.

With THC, it’s not that simple. Intoxibakes will be making all of their own THC butter and oil, and all of that will have to be tested for both quality and potency. Since potency may vary depending on certain factors, that also means the amounts needed for recipes may need to be adjusted to ensure quality across the products.

The ability to sell edibles is also important to Dakota Herb, according to Joe Stavig, Dakota Herb’s CFO.

“Not everybody wants to smoke, right,” asked Stavig, rhetorically. “There are medical patients out there that literally just can’t.”

Currently, the plan is just to produce medical products, though the potential passage of adult-use marijuana could open up the recreational market for the partnership. One thing not on the table though; boozy edibles. “That’s just asking for trouble,” said Jorgenson.

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