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Biloxi medical marijuana dispensary entering final stages of opening



BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – Coastal Capital Dispensary in Biloxi has just a few more steps before opening and offering medical marijuana.

Owner Elizabeth Cavanaugh said she prefers a natural remedy for treating discomfort.

“I myself suffer from chronic pain; my mother is a breast cancer survivor,” she said. “I’ve just really done a lot of research over the past several years and see there’s so many benefits to this plant, and it’s just a natural, more holistic approach.”

Cavanaugh said the next steps are signage installations and getting product from a central Mississippi Cultivator.

She said even though the dispensary isn’t open yet, it already has members in the loyalty program along with a strong social media presence.

“It’s been wonderful. I mean, our Facebook page has over 300 followers now and we can’t do any advertising. So that’s really organic, people sharing it and people interested in what we have to say,” said Cavanaugh.

She believes Coastal Capital Dispensary is one of six in Biloxi, but she’s proud to say hers will be the first opened.

“I’ve spoken with cultivators and with our POS provider and everyone I’ve spoken with said we’re the first ones that are planning to open anytime soon,” said Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh said she has many goals.

“We want to help people and stop different pushing medication and pills when they’re really not needed when there’s a natural solution to helping them,” said Cavanaugh.

Coastal Capital Dispensary plans to get their product on November 1, officially opening shortly after.

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