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7 ways to make your stoner sweetie swoon



Don’t panic, but the forecast says love is a-brewing. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to begin planning for the special day. We don’t blame you if you’re still stumped for plans and gifts—the bar gets higher every year. 

Fortunately for those in a cannabis-loving relationship, there are plenty of great ways to combine the herb with romantic gestures and activities. It’s a surefire way to make the day one you’ll both never forget! After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but the memories can last a lifetime. Below, discover seven great ways to make your stoner sweetie swoon.

The gift of good glass

More efficient than the joint. (Adobestock)

Good glass, or any decent cannabis tech, is an investment. Sometimes it’s hard to justify treating ourselves to good things, but Valentine’s Day presents the perfect excuse to get the stoner you love that piece on their wishlist.

Hit up a reputable glass shop and browse the shelves for unique glass that doubles as art, or order from a tried and true company like GRAV Labs or Empire Glassworks for a piece that will deliver every time.

Vape lovers also have so many great choices, and you can’t go wrong with a solid brand like PAX. Better yet, do a little sleuthing and find out exactly what’s on your honey’s canna-wishlist, and then make their dream come true.

Cannabis fine dining

If you and your sweetie identify as stoners and foodies, what better way to celebrate your love than a cannabis fine dining experience? These exclusive experiences pose a bit of a challenge to arrange, but if you live in the right state to make it happen, it’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day dinner you’ll never forget.

California, in particular, has been leading the way in cannabis fine dining, but if you can’t find a location in your state, never underestimate the romance of a home-cooked meal with a cannabis twist.

With the right infused ingredients, the sky is the limit with cannabis cooking. Just be careful when considering dosage, or your night may end in 12 hours of sleep instead of 12 hours of “snuggles.”

Cute cannabis jewelry

There’s plenty of kitschy cannabis jewelry out there, but these pieces suit the sophisticated cannabis lover best. The diamond-encrusted heart-shaped pendant from Kay is out—the diamond-encrusted cannabis leaf from your local stoner jeweler is in! Etsy has endless possibilities available, ranging in price from moderate to a little bougie.

Here are just a few of the weed-themed jewelry pieces that you can find online:

  1.  8K Gold Dipped Cannabis Necklace, Cubic Zirconia – $19.50
  2. THC Molecule Necklace, Silver or Gold Finish – $39.35
  3. Real Cannabis Leaf in Silver – $89.00
  4. 14K Solid Gold Marijuana Leaf Charm – $171.44
  5. Cannabis Bud Dipped in 24k Gold, Sapphire Pendant – $210.00
  6. Diamond Marijuana Leaf Necklace, 14K Solid Gold – $494.00
  7. Emerald Cannabis Leaf Ring, Sterling Silver – $550.00

If none of these tickle your lover’s fancy, Etsy still has tons of great options (like these blunt-shaped earrings) that may do the trick.

Weed-infused chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day staple, so what could be better than putting a canna-twist on them?

If you’re wondering where to get your hands on some cannabis-infused chocolate strawberries, I have some good news—they are surprisingly much easier to make than you might think!

Simply buy an infused chocolate bar from your local dispensary and follow along with an easy recipe, substituting regular chocolate with your THC treat.

Not only will your sweetie be impressed with your delicious homemade edibles, but you’ll both have a nice high just in time for the big night. Just keep an eye on the temperature when melting the chocolate so you don’t accidentally burn away your cannabinoids. 

A night in with weed cocktails

Set the mood at home with candlelight, your favorite R&B album (D’Angelo’s Voodoo, perhaps?), and some delicious cannabis cocktails. Stage your place as an intimate speakeasy and make your boo’s favorite appetizers to complete your sexy night in.

Follow our guide on making a cannabis-infused drink at home and turn your lover’s favorite drink into the perfect mood-setting concoction. Make drinks that are sweet, spicy, strong, or mild by incorporating cannabis tinctures.

You can also skip the speakeasy schtick and buy enough infused beverages to get you both through a fun night at home.

Weed bouquets

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for flowers, and what is cannabis if not another flower worthy of a bouquet? A dozen roses can be paired with ruscus, baby’s breath, and a brightly colored sativa. In fact, there are already forward-thinking florists offering weed bouquets.

If you can’t find a florist in your area who specializes in these arrangements, you can also consider making your own bouquet that speaks to your lover’s aromatic palette and follow our guide for pairing strains with flowers.

Use a bit of wire to twist around the bud’s stem and slide it into the floral arrangement, and voila, you’ll have an incredible-smelling bouquet that will be as functional as it is fabulous.

A legal weed getaway

Whether you’re stuck in a prohibition state, or just love to travel, a trip out of town to a cannabis-friendly location can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Imagine planning a special getaway for your lover. Now make that a special getaway that includes: a stop at a dispensary to enjoy local weed, a delicious meal at a new restaurant that can satisfy even the most insane munchies, or a high stroll through a city that doesn’t sleep.

There are a lot of options when planning a weed-centric getaway. You just have to figure out your budget and how much PTO your significant other has to spare. If you’re low on cash, try a one-day excursion to a cannabis consumption lounge.

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