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Burning Treez Lights Up Southern California



Adelanto Stadium in Southern California was completely hotboxed on August 26 and 27 for the inaugural Burning Treez festival, presented by Cannexs. It was a celebration of hip-hop, sports, and most of all—the leafy green herb.

The event headliners were Ludacris, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Too $hort, Kurupt, as well as many other artists including Spliff Star, Loomi$, Ras Kass, Naté the Soulsanger, and many more. Adelanto Mayor Gabriel Reyes was also in attendance, supporting cannabis and sporting brands.

In the parking lot, the Raider Nation held their annual kick-off event at a tailgate party hosted by Game Day, UFC veteran Elias Theodorou, and the top-ranked reigning U.S. Slap Fight Champion, Da Crazy Hawaiian, hosted a slap-fighting Chin Check Slap Down that saw the biggest fighters delivering the biggest slaps.

Koa Viernes, aka Da Crazy Hawaiian, competed at events such as one particular fight that lasted 20 rounds with Hillbilly Hippie, and the world’s first Pay-Per-View slap fight, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. Da Crazy Hawaiian recently was signed to cannabis brand Game Day, makers of products like Diamonds or Raider Nation Pre-Game Pre-rolls.

“You either got it for the game or you don’t,” Da Crazy Hawaiian told High Times, referring to the mental state that slap fighters must get into. “Once you get slapped for the first time—you’ll figure out if you want to be in it or not. It’s all in the mind. I just turn into Da Crazy Hawaiian. As soon as I get there, I’m going to take somebody’s head off. It’s Game Day.

“We got Pre-Game Pre-Rolls from Game Day,” Da Crazy Hawaiian said as he pulled out another pre-roll. “They are rolled in kief. Gotta have that concentrate, baby.”

Entertainers also joined in to share what they are smoking on and the general vibe in Adelanto.

“Right now this is some Wedding Cake,” Spliff Star told High Times, blowing out smoke as he was perched in front of his tour bus after he performed. “I brought this with me from New York.

“The vibe is beautiful man, you know I’m saying, is really I’ve always been a fan of Too $hort, Xzibit.

“I’m a fan of High Times magazine as well,” he said. “My name is Spliff Star, you know what I’m sayin’, and I love it all. I’m into the cannabis culture. We came and performed High Times Cannabis Cup [SoCal in 2019] “Yeah, we had fun. We killed that shit. Yeah, I can’t wait to come back again. Especially myself. I love it. I love the culture. And it’s not just about smoking; it is the vibe and meeting new people, with an open mind and a free spirit. You know what I mean? And a spliff, man. That’s why I chose that name Spliff because a spliff makes friends. And it’s worldwide and it’s about sharing this by sharing the love.”

Old school and new school hip-hop artists were both part of the mix.

“Good weed should make you motivated,” rap veteran Ras Kass said. “It should make you want to go to sleep. It should make you motivated. This shit is ecstatic. It’s motivation, the energy is incredible and there are so many different brands and so many different people selling all kinds of incredible things and that’s what this culture is about.”

Cannabis and hip-hop have been intertwined “from day one,” Ras Kass says. “I was born and raised in L.A. So the stereotype was to go to the studio, smoke a blunt, and then you write your record. Yeah, that’s it. The stereotype. You gotta smoke. Salute to Adelanto, Salute to California where we are some of the coolest people and cities like Adelanto are pushing the culture and for progressive reform.”

The list included rappers as well as soul singers.

“I’ve smoked multiple strains today,” Loomi$ told High Times. You know, basically everything anybody gave me, but I usually just smoke indicas and OGs.” I’m from L.A., period, because listen, I’m here smoking it up like a motherfucker like I should because it should be legal. You can smoke a cigarette every week, so why not cannabis? We have an album coming out. It’s me, Timbaland, Bobby Ross Avila, […] we got Battlecat on there.”

“I’ve had a lot of Heavenly Sweet, Naté the Soulsanger told High Times. “And everything else they handed me to be honest. And because I feel so good, I don’t remember all the names. I think CAM Cannabis was one that I remember. But everything’s been fire from the performance for the week. Everything is higher.”

Producers working behind the scenes also chimed in. “I’ve never been out here before,” producer Rick Rock told High Times. “It’s always an experience driving here. And the people are cool and really nice, laid back. I produce for Xzibit, at least three of his songs and Busta Rhymes, maybe two or three songs and Mariah Carey.”

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