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New ordinance could require drug test warning for CBD products



The signs must tell people they could fail a drug test.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Columbia’s Public Safety committee met today to discuss new rules about smoke and vape shops. 

The proposed ordinance would require shops that sell CBD or THC products  to place a physical warning for all products. 

Signs must be posted to must tell customers looking to consume cannabis products that the product could cause a failed drug test. 

The sign, in the proposed ordinance,  must be 50 percent the size of the CBD display.

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“You know what’s happening out there is everybody’s advertising these products and they appear to be legal to sell in South Carolina but no one’s talking about the downside,” Councilman Joe Taylor said.

He’s referring to cannabis-related products like  Delta 8 or 9, and CBD all found in smoke or vape shops.

Connie Jackson with Crown Town Cannabis said these products are classified as full spectrum and broad spectrum. 

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“Full spectrum contains the full legal limit of THC which is point-3 percent. Broad spectrum only contains CBD there’s no THC in there at all,” she said. 

While these products are legal in South Carolina, Taylor said that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.

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“And they’re doing this stuff and failing a workplace drug test or failing a drug test at school and like I said we have a responsibility to make sure, just like you have a warning on cigarettes to let our citizens know especially our young folks there is a downside to this,” he said.

Taylor added the point of the ordinance is to ensure people know that these products can show up on a drug test.

The ordinance will go before the full council on October 4th at the next city council meeting. 

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