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Moorhead City officials to discuss regulation of THC edibles – KVRR Local News



MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – The Moorhead City Council is discussing common sense regulations for businesses selling THC-infused edibles extracted from hemp.

A draft ordinance says businesses would have to obtain a license to sell products and other licensing fees for about 125 dollars a year. It would also outline zoning districts for where sales and manufacturing could happen.

There is confusion among Minnesotans and businesses about cannabis’ half-measure legality and some wonder if the state rushed to pass the bill.

“I don’t think that they rushed passing this particular set of laws, but I do think there’s widespread recognition including among the legislators that advanced legislation that it is incomplete and that we are probably well behind the ball on passing full-scale adult-use legalization in a more robust oversight system,” Campaign manager at Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation Leila Fatehi said.

“Without a statewide regulatory framework, somebody may just go to the city next door to buy products or they might just buy it on the internet,” Attorney at Minnesota Cannabis Law Jason Tarasek said.

Republican State Senator Jim Abeler of Anoka says he didn’t realize the Minnesota bill broadly legalized food and beverages with THC. He thought it only allowed delta 8 THC which provides milder effects.

Tarasek adds every election is becoming momentous because more states are considering cannabis legalization.

“The other interesting thing, as you know, North Dakota is on the verge of passing a full adult-use legalization measure. It’d be interesting to see how that impacts the market in Moorhead for hemp-derived THC products. Every year, it seems more states are putting full legalization ballot measures on the ballot. In Minnesota, we’re all watching North Dakota very closely,” Tarasek said.

If ballot measure 2 passes in November, recreational cannabis would be legal across the state.

Click here to see the first draft of the ordinance.

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