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MGK’s Pink Floyd Weekend



Released on January 21, 1977

102.9 WMGK will celebrate an exciting Pink Floyd Weekend on Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9.

Listeners can register to win one of dozens of digital downloads of Pink Floyd’s remastered version of their 1977 concept album Animals by visiting

While the remastered version of Animals was originally supposed to come out in 2018, disputes over the liner notes pushed the rerelease back four years. The album made an appearance on Billboard’s top 10 the first week after its release leading up to Sept. 22, selling over 20,000 copies 45 years after the original release.

The album’s original cover showed Battersea Power Station in London with a symbolic inflatable pig flying in the center. They released a new cover photo recreating the iconic scene.

While the John DeBella Show has gotten the Pink Floyd appreciation started early throughout the week, MGK listeners can capitalize on the celebration of Pink Floyd and Animals all weekend.

Pink Floyd and the Controversial Animals

Pink Floyd became popular throughout the 1970s with hit concept albums like Dark Side of the MoonWish You Were Here, and The Wall. However, Animals was one of their most impressive works.

Animals drew some of its inspiration from the 1984 novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The novel provides a political allegory of the Russian Revolution of 1917 in a plot that includes farm animals revolting against their farm owner and master to take control of the land where they live.

The concept album similarly uses different types of animals to represent social classes and how they react to governmental power structure and the social change going on around them.

The band’s co-founder and lead songwriter Roger Waters wrote their fourth-most famous concept album with political implications about the world society of the 1970s, especially in the United Kingdom. His outspoken political stances led to a predictable reaction. Some fans gravitated towards him, and some turned away from the British rock legend. The polarizing split has continued into the 21st century.

5 Takeaways from Listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ High for the First Time

Some people did puzzles. Some people got really into doing TikTok dances. Some people baked bread. For me, the lockdown days of the pandemic found me getting baked for the first time ever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How does someone wait until their mid-thirties to explore the world of cannabis?” The answer is quite simple: In my late teens, I tried weed and it made me super-paranoid. As a result, I kept a safe distance from it for well over a decade and just rolled with alcohol if I was looking to unwind.

Cut to 2020, and like most people, I had a lot of time on my hands. Besides working from home (thankfully) and streaming TV shows and movies, I started reading more news and not just the normal music news I’d ingest in order to keep up with the latest goings-on in the rock world.

One day, I fell down an internet rabbit hole about delta-8 THC, the latest craze in the cannabis world. In a nutshell, delta-8 THC is derived from the hemp plant. It is a milder version of delta-9 THC that is derived from marijuana and is the compound with psychoactive properties that cause users to feel “high.” One of the big differences between both THC compounds, besides the cannabis variant from which they’re derived, is that delta-8 was found to be less likely to induce anxiety. The biggest difference, however, was that delta-8 fell into a unique gray area that caused it to technically be federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Per NBC News, “That legislation legalized hemp, which is defined as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3 percent delta-9 THC or less — levels considered too low to have a psychoactive effect. However, the bill does not address delta-8 THC levels, an omission that makes it legal for vendors to sell the compound, often as edibles, vape cartridges and tinctures, with no oversight.”

As of April 2022, the following states have passed legislation to make delta-8 illegal: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, and Washington. As a resident of Michigan, delta-8 is legal but now falls under the same regulations as state-legal marijuana following legislation signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in July 2021.

Once I read a lot of reports from reliable sources and consulted friends who were more familiar with the world of cannabis than me, I decided to try a delta-8 gummy edible. To my delight, the “high” was mild, very pleasant and I did not experience the paranoia that had scared the hell out of me in my late teens. It also helped me get a quality night’s sleep, and unlike unwinding with alcohol, I had no hangover-like symptoms.

The next step, of course, was obvious: Listen to iconic stoner albums while high! Naturally, the first one I reached for was Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, an album I loved but never listened to while stoned.

So, what was it like to listen to Dark Side of the Moon high for the first time at age 35? Here were my five takeaways:



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