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Is HHC Stronger Than Delta-8? What’s The Difference?



Minor hemp-derived cannabinoids HHC and delta-8 THC are psychoactive and naturally found in cannabis. In small-to-medium dosages, both cannabinoids provide a mildly euphoric high.

Is HHC stronger than delta-8? Overall, HHC is more potent than delta-8 since delta-8 is only approximately half as potent as delta-9 THC, whereas HHC is roughly 70%-80% as potent as THC.

The effects of each of these cannabinoids are comparable, yet little differences in their chemical structure may produce strikingly different results. If you know how they affect your experience, you may modify it to suit your tastes. To assist you in making an informed choice, this article compares and contrasts HHC and delta-8 THC with the best brands that offer these substances.

HHC Vs. Delta-8

HHC and delta-8 gummies have sedative effects, although they differ in important respects. HHC is a natural phytocannabinoid, whereas delta-8 is a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics THC’s effects. Even though some individuals can synthesize delta-8, the HHC content of cannabis sativa is quite low. To some extent, both strains can bind to the same CB1 receptor, yet HHC does so more strongly.

First, These gummies range in their chemical make-up and their psychoactive effects on consumers. HHC is a form of THC that differs from the standard form by lacking double bonds in its atomic structure. During hydrogenation, the THC’s double bonds are cleaved, and hydrogen atoms are inserted in their place. Meanwhile, delta-8 possesses a double bond at the 8th carbon in its chemical structure. Though it’s not immediately obvious, the differences in these substances’ molecular structures are largely responsible for their varying impacts.

Second, The effects of delta-8 products are similar to those of HHC products in that they provide a soothing and uplifting high. HHC pharmaceuticals are widely acknowledged to be more calming and tranquil than delta-8 drugs.

In comparison to delta-8 THC, HHC is much more powerful. The term potent is used to describe its increased efficacy and high-like effects; in this case, it’s akin to the CBD that contains the delta-8 compound. HHC is an alternative to delta-9 THC for those who like its euphoric effects but want a less likely drug to induce anxiety and paranoia.

It also has slight hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects. So, this is a fascinating way to test the waters of a hemp-based substance with psychedelic potential. Alternatively, we have selected the best brands for HHC and delta-8 available on the market.

Our Top Picks For The Best HHC Gummies 

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best,Potent HHC Gummies, Editors Pick
  2. BudPop – Premium Brand For High Quality HHC Gummies 

#1. Exhale Wellness-Overall Best,Potent HHC Gummies, Editors Pick

The Exhale website is a must-try brand for all current or aspiring fans of the new hemp-derived cannabinoids HHC. The name is reputable and respected in the delta-8 community, and for a good reason.

Based on their dedication and consistent track record of producing high-quality hemp-based goods, this firm deserves recognition as one of the finest in the industry. Moreover, Exhale Wellness surpasses all expectations regarding organic, effective, and pure goods.

Items including delta-8, HHC, CBD, and delta-9 are all available since the firm prioritizes providing superior products that stand out from the crowd. In addition, Exhale Wellness offers a wide variety of items, including dabs, wax, cartridges, capsules, edibles, cigarettes, dabs, and pre-rolled flowers.

Considering these opinions with our prior knowledge and use of other Exhale Wellness gummies and goods, it’s easy to say that this is one of the greatest brands available.


Strength: When you exhale, you’ll get HHC gummy cubes of moderate to high strength. We went with this description since a single cube contains 25 mg of HHC, putting it between low and high doses in the middle of the spectrum. It’s okay if you’re a newbie and have no idea how much you can take. If you’re worried about overdosing on gummies, it’s best to get stronger ones and consume just half of one.

Organic: The gummies of Exhale Wellness come from the hemp plant and feature no synthetic tastes or colors. Since they lack animal gelatin, they may be safely consumed by vegans. Additionally, they are manufactured using a basic recipe consisting of liquid HHC extract and delicious fruit tastes.

Policies: You may save up to 25% by subscribing to Exhale Wellness rather than making a one-time payment. To further show their appreciation for new customers, the business offers a discount of 20% off their first purchase. Additionally, Exhale Wellness provides a free economy shipping option with every transaction. The firm offers conventional ground and expedited shipping if you need your item quickly (between three to five business days).

Money-Back Guarantee: Exhale Wellness offers a no-risk trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30–45 days of purchase, you may return the goods for a full refund if you are unhappy with them. In addition, you have the option to send the item back or ask for a replacement.

Customer Satisfaction: There aren’t a ton of comments or ratings for Exhale Wellness online. However, this is expected given the chemical’s novelty and derivatives. According to internet feedback, customers are pleased with Exhale Wellness’s final product and the innovative process used to bring it to life.


  • Cannabis strain with a solid reputation
  • There is no deficiency in any quality aspect
  • Vast selection of goods
  • Plant-based and genetically modified organism-free
  • With no added dyes or flavors
  • Exquisite fruity taste
  • A+ customer service policies
  • Delivery at no cost to you
  • There’s a 30-day refund policy


=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop-Premium Brand For High Quality HHC Gummies 

BudPop is a brand that strikes a great mix between subtlety and power in its effects. Their HHC gummies provide a satisfying high and help you unwind and chill. The THC concentration of these gummies is less than 0.3%, so they won’t make you too high to handle or addict you.

The products of BudPop are harmless when used properly, but they might have unpleasant side effects if used in excess. The THC in these gummies may help with anxiety control, but eating too many at once might have the opposite effect. This is the only thing you need to watch for when using these gummies.


Organic Hemp: Cannabis plants include several useful active chemicals, but none are effective without others. They are so pleased that the vast majority of individuals won’t even notice the adverse effects. The gummies’ overall benefits are amplified, and terpenes add new benefits.

Savings: If this is your first time buying from BudPop, a window will appear offering you a 20% discount. This offer applies only to the first item in your purchase, not the total. Consider becoming a subscriber to get a 25% discount on your total purchase.

Easy to Consume: Gummies containing HHC are simpler to ingest than other forms of therapy, such as oils or tinctures. You take one or two gummies before bedtime, as directed. The gummies’ effects kick in after 30 minutes and persist for four to six hours.


  • Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, producing feelings of pleasure and calm simultaneously
  • No harmful chemicals or additives
  • Crafted from the finest hemp
  • Objective examination by independent labs


=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

Our Top Picks For The Best Delta-8 Gummies

  1. Exhale Wellness Overall Best,Potent Delta-8  Gummies, Editors Pick
  2. BudPopPremium Brand For High Quality Delta-8 Gummies 

#1.  Exhale Wellness -Overall Best,Potent Delta-8  Gummies, Editors Pick

Exhale is a new delta-8 specialized store with various products, including the industry’s strongest delta-8 gummies. Again, Exhale Wellness remains the top brand for delta-8 gummies.

The box contains 30 delta-8 edibles; the dosages range from 1500 to 3000 milligrams.

Don’t look further if you want the strongest delta-8 gummies available.

The firm uses the best hemp to produce its goods. Furthermore, they invest in the most valuable extraction method to ensure the complete safety of the final items.

Each one is infused with either 25mg or 50mg of delta-8, making them very potent. If this is your first order, they will give you 20% off.These gummies weigh up to 50mg of delta-8 distillate per serving and are nearly eight times as potent as their rivals.

There is zero danger in trying out this brand’s goods since they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The firm processes domestic shipments all around the United States. It typically takes two to three business days for orders placed at Exhale Wellness to be shipped and delivered to customers. Further, the company offers a money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction. You have 30 days from your purchase date to determine whether these gummies are what you were hoping for.

The delta-8 gummies’ main constituent is hemp extract.


Legal: This component is mostly used as a psychoactive agent in edibles. The edibles can’t legally contain more than 0.3% THC in them. The consumables include full- and broad-spectrum hemp because of this.

Safety: The fruity delta-8 gummies from Exhale Wellness are cruelty-free and gluten-free. With its irresistible perfume, full-spectrum delta-8 appeals to those who are taken with the simple pleasures of a healthy lifestyle. They are sugary without using gluten or artificial sweeteners, so those on restricted diets may still enjoy them.

Flavorings: Citric acid, rice syrup, plant-based pectin, and other all-natural ingredients are used. The natural fruit concentrates flavor on the gummies giving them a tropical fruit flavor. Furthermore, the firm does not use the utilization of GMOs. There are no additives of any kind, whether natural or artificial.

Organic Hemp: The gummy tastes are developed using a variety of hemp strains and organic mixes. The firm uses high-quality organic hemp to ensure the best quality of its gummies. Moreover, they employ the safest extraction method available to ensure the safety of the gummies for consumption.


  • High-quality delta-8 gummies
  • Safe extraction methods
  • Delicious flavors
  • Third-party testing
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Desirable effects


=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop-Premium Brand For High Quality Delta-8 Gummies 

BudPop is quickly becoming known for providing powerful delta-8 cruelty-free and vegan products. If you’re seeking an alternative to delta-9, you won’t be able to tell that these edibles are made from hemp.

BudPop is a premium brand that combines complete openness with Nevada-grown hemp. Unlike other companies in the delta-8 category, these gummies’ ingredients and nutritional information are clearly labeled and visible without resorting to a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Even at a look, you can see that this is a top pick because of the brand’s many positive evaluations and the convenience of the QR codes to access the CoAs. They offer free shipping with every purchase, and you may save 25% on a monthly subscription.

Is there a certain kind of person that would benefit from these consumables the most? If you’ve never used CBD before and don’t have any on hand, you may want to ease into it with a quarter of a gummy to see how you react.

If you’re a frequent user of delta-8, though, you’ll like the strength and the fact that you can’t tell the difference from dispensary buds. According to customers, you’ll feel like a new person within a few hours.


Premium Hemp Extracts: The brand may have been created with millennials, but the finished delta-8 and CBD products are great for anybody. The strong items might exhilarate the public because of their natural and chemical-free strategy.

Legal: All of the company’s wares adhere to the regulations in the latest Farm Bill version (2018). The goods contain no more than 0.3% THC since it is the legal limit in all 50 states. Products with a THC level over this threshold are prohibited, and consumers should avoid purchasing them since the law may punish inaction.

Dosage: While some people may be able to tolerate even trace amounts of THC, others may need to ease into using hemp products before experiencing any noticeable effects. For those who have never experienced the joy of getting stoned before, the greatest place to start is with the delta-8 gummies sold by BudPop.

Flavors: The finest delta-8 gummies from BudPop are the simplest and most efficient method to eat delta-8 products and experience their euphoric effects. Their gummies come in various flavors, making them enjoyable to eat and simple to take on the go. Moreover, they are all-natural, organic ingredients and provide a few advantageous health effects.


  • Delicious fruity tastes
  • Safe from chemicals
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • High-grade hemp from Nevada
  • External testing


=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

How We Made the List Of The Best Delta-8 & HHC Gummies? 

In a market saturated by millions of cannabis producers, it is already challenging to locate goods that meet your expectations for quality, consistency, purity, and potency. It is challenging to locate items that fit the above requirements, but it becomes considerably worse when looking for a new release.

In retrospect, we used some of our criteria in this selection. We have also considered the efforts of these firms to stand out in the cannabis industry.

What We Looked For? 

  • Reputation: As demand for HHC and delta-8 gummies skyrocketed, numerous companies eventually revealed their true identities. So why would you give a site with a terrible reputation a chance with a fresh new product? However, the two brands we selected show consistent, high-quality performance.

All of them are expert creators of delta-8 and CBD. And they’ve been at it for a while, advocating for HHC before it was trendy. More than that, the managerial talents of these producers are top-notch. They’ve figured out the formula for bringing in new business and holding on to their regulars by offering generous discounts, loyalty perks, and reasonable pricing practices.

  • Customer Reviews: Very few evaluations of HHC gummies could be located. Cannabinoid is a recent phenomenon in the hemp market. Some individuals may not be familiar with gummies since they appeared later.

To our surprise, however, reviews from customers who have used the goods were entirely favorable. Consumers had positive experiences with the two brands of HHC gummies, and most reviews highlight the positive effects the products have had on the consumers’ health after just a few uses.

  • Transparency: Researchers and medical professionals are putting in long hours to provide additional data and studies on the structure and efficacy of the HHC. Using what we know, laboratories can examine the purity and potency of goods and other cannabinoids.

Additional diagnostic options are critical, and we anticipate their availability shortly. However, we did seek businesses that had COAs for at least these two standards. In addition, we looked at how these brands have fared in the past and whether or not their operations are open and honest

Factors To Look For When Buying HHC And D-8 Gummies

You should remember a few things when searching for cannabinoids, especially HHC and delta-8. Pay careful attention to the product’s contents, prices, return policies, customer service, and reviews. Below, we go into more depth on each of these aspects:

You should consider the quality and quantity of the delta-8 and HHC’s constituent parts when purchasing. Always buy from companies that are honest about the substances they use and the standards they adhere to. Exhale Wellness and BudPop include easily accessible ingredient lists and Certificates of Analysis on their website.

Keep your pricing range and spending limit in mind when buying. You may expect to spend more on a product that uses premium ingredients. You cannot trust a product’s quality if its price is suspiciously low. Spending more money upfront for a high-quality product with verified safe components is sometimes the best option.

Although it may not be your first consideration, knowing a brand’s return policy is crucial before making a purchase. If a company stands behind the quality of its goods, it will provide reasonable return policies, if not a full refund guarantee.

Before buying, research the company’s return policy and other terms and conditions to understand the items’ quality and customer pleasure level. If for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase from Exhale Wellness or BudPop, you have 30 days to send it back and get a full refund.

Customer satisfaction should be a focus for any excellent hemp product business. Thus, customer service is critical when buying for delta-8 and HHC, and it is ideal to purchase from firms that give their clients exceptional care and help. Having a way to get in touch with a business person in the event of a problem or for further information about a product is crucial.

Read as many reviews as possible about a company and its products before purchasing from them. Customer reviews may be a great resource for learning about the pros and cons of a certain brand or item. Be a diligent shopper and use caution while perusing reviews in search of confirmation of their integrity. You should avoid an HHC or delta-8 store selling that brand if its customers have largely bad things to say about it.

Before you go ahead and click “Buy Now,” be sure the container’s flavor suits your tastes. Some manufacturers of gummies employ a combination of fruit extracts, while others specialize in just one flavor. The product’s taste is important since you want to be sure it’s something you’ll like.

Some manufacturers utilize artificial tastes to mimic the fruit flavor in their products. Terpenes may be infused for various effects, including changing the color of a liquid or enhancing its taste. Furthermore, some producers add sweets, particularly to their foods.

You should stock up on organic gummies since they are delicious. As long as it doesn’t affect the quality of the hemp extract, you may still buy goods with artificial tastes and colors.

Make certain the firm grew their hemp in a chemical-free environment. Producers cannot create HHC or delta-8 without investing in the manufacturing process. The source of the hemp is very important since it determines the quality of the final product.

Second, the extraction process is very crucial. There are several methods for removing hemp from hemp plants. However, not all of them are successful. CO2 extraction is the best method since it produces a more pure and powerful result.

  • Effectiveness of the Product

Before buying any HHC or delta-8 gummies, ensure you know they contain enough active ingredients to be effective. Check the product’s efficacy first to be sure it meets your needs.

FAQS Regarding HHC & D-8 Edibles 

Are HHC and delta products that you got from pot legal? 

Both HHC and delta-8 from marijuana are illegal at the federal level. Marijuana has been placed on schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act by the federal government.

When referring to drugs, “Schedule I” indicates those with no presently acknowledged medicinal purpose and significant potential for misuse. However, is HHC legal? We can say that it has the same rules as delta-8.

Which strain does HHC fall under, indica or sativa?

HHC is versatile since it can come from either indica or cannabis sativa plants. Producers of cannabis may blend HHC with terpenes from either the indica or sativa parent strains or even those of a hybrid strain if the strain has a terpene profile that leans in that direction.For more information read what is a hybrid weed. 

Which class does delta-8 THC fall into, indica or sativa?

Blends with delta-8 THC and terpenes with an indica or sativa aroma are possible. Producers may mix delta-8 with terpenes from indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, depending on whether the original cannabis plant was indica, sativa, or a hybrid.

Cannabinoids such as HHC and delta-8 THC may be extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s important to note the material distinctions between these two substances. First, compared to delta-8 THC, HHC has a higher potency. Also, whereas delta-8 THC has no intoxicating effects, HHC does.

The cannabinoid composition of cannabis plants is very variable. However, delta-8 THC is often present in much higher concentrations than HHC.

Can HHC lead to drug test failure?

When used within a certain window of time before a drug test, all three cannabinoids will result in a negative result. When you have an exam, it’s advisable to avoid any hemp-derived cannabinoid. However, the time they remain in your system might vary based on factors including how you take the drug, your metabolic rate, and the dosage.

If you take a bigger amount of HHC or delta-8 THC than you would if you were trying to mimic the effects of delta-9 THC, you may find that the drug is still detectable in your system for a longer period than it would otherwise. According to anecdotal evidence, HHC users tested positive on drug tests.

Conclusion: Is HHC More Potent Than D-8 THC? 

Despite their similarities in chemical structure, HHC and delta-8 THC each provide a unique sensory experience. While HHC is often suitable throughout the day, delta_8 lets you relax later in the day. The legal status of delta-9 THC is a key distinction between it and its derivatives.

Only 16 states have legalized the sale of delta-9 THC, whereas 38 allow the sale of HHC and delta-8 THC.However, you can find best HHC brands that offers high quality HHC products. Those who like the benefits of delta-9 THC but reside in a place where it is illegal may often find a suitable substitute in HHC or delta-8 THC. If you are fortunate enough to reside where all three are legal, experimenting with a little bit of each can help you absorb the distinctions and determine which one serves you best. We have rounded up the best brands offering delta-8 and HHC gummies.


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