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Delta 8 Thc

Best Delta-8 Gummies: Top 5 Brands Of D8 THC Edible Gummies – The Southern Maryland Chronicle



Your car quit, your job is driving you nuts, your cupboards are bare because you haven’t had time to go to the store, and you’re stressed out.

Before you tear your hair out in frustration, take a d8 gummy to calm down. You’ll enjoy the relaxation and clarity the gummy brings you, and you can quickly think through your issues and get back to feeling like yourself.

These gummies are also helpful if you have trouble falling asleep. If you want to learn more about these gummies, keep reading. You’ll find the best brands in 2022 for delta-8, the cannabinoid everybody’s raving about while shopping.

Best Delta 8 Gummies From Top THC Brands

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies In The Market
  2. BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 Edibles And Most Potent Vegan Gummies
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Recommended Weed Gummies and THC Edibles
  4. Diamond CBD –  Prominent THC Edibles With Varied Flavors
  5. 3Chi – Popular THC Gummies For Pain Relief

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies In The Market

Exhale Wellness aims to promote a healthy, stress-less lifestyle by using natural ingredients like delta-8 and other organic ingredients. They are always up to date on research and employ product specialists to help keep their high-quality products.

Exhale Wellness is known for providing customers with high-quality gummies. Although they’re new to the business, they’ve come up on top thanks to their devotion to quality and customer care.

The Exhale Wellness company now ships only within the USA. They ship using standard methods, and your products will reach you in about 2-3 business days.


Ingredients: Their ingredients are the best part of Exhale Wellness. It’s essential to read the ingredients in your gummies thoroughly. You don’t need to worry about this at Exhale Wellness since they use nothing but quality items in their gummies.

Everything is organic and devoid of additives and synthetics. The gummies are laboratory tested.

The company cares about consistent research. They’re constantly checking for ways to make their products great.

Confidence: Finally, all buyers are treated to utter confidence when shopping with Exhale Wellness. You can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee when you use Exhale Wellness for your delta-8 needs.

All buyers get a 30-day money-back guarantee. They know they’ve got a particular item for sale, and nobody will send it back. You’re well taken care of at Exhale Wellness.


  • Delta-8 gummies of supreme quality
  • It is very potent and helpful if you need maximum relaxation
  • Detailed info on the product at the website
  • Many options to pick from
  • Highly rated gummies


  • They only ship to the USA

Customer Reviews

With Exhale Wellness being a newbie to the delta-8 game but still coming in the first place, we had to hand it to them. They have the best ingredients and the best customer service. Their organic delta-8 gummies offer pleasant high and medicinal effects you’ll enjoy, and their customers are delighted.

Customers were also delighted with the brand’s customer service. In addition, they were satisfied with the product quality and demonstrated confidence and loyalty by buying the company’s other high-quality items.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Exhale Wellness”

#2. Budpop– Strongest Delta 8 Edibles And Most Potent Vegan Gummies

The second brand on our list is none other than Budpop. They’re a new brand, just emerging into the fray, but their quality is unmatched. Although they’re a new company, the quality of Budpop gummy treats is second to none. Plus, the founders of the company have 30 years of combined experience.

We’ve tried the product and love its Blue Dream Berry flavor. You can also get this in Strawberry flavor. The labeling and packaging of the product are great for beginners; after all, the company is highly transparent regarding its ingredients and their suggested usage.

The company has potential and will soon become the number one brand for delta-8 gummies. The market for delta-8 goods is significant, and Budpop is taking full advantage by providing its customers with quality and value.


Transparent: Budpop cares about transparency. They are honest about the brand’s origin, manufacturing, and ingredients/lab tests. Each lab testing result is posted on the Internet, and customers are asked to email them with queries or concerns.

Using your cell phone to scan the packaging for more information is also very easy. You’ll enjoy three gummy delicious flavors- Blue Dream Berry, Watermelon, and Strawberry. The gummies are utterly delightful and provide 25mg delta-8 in each piece.

Flavor: Their multiple flavors are nice and sweet, just like candy, and you’ll have to tell yourself to take only one. They are pretty potent. Newcomers to the gummies should take half. You’ll find no artificial flavors in the treats.

Fast Shipment: Budpop is fast about shipping your order. It will take two business days or less to send the order. Shipments are sent via USPS first-class mail. The gummies are carefully packed so they’re fresh and ready for enjoyment. If you reside where it’s warm, like Arizona, take the treats inside fast, so they don’t melt.

Blog: At Budpop, you’ll find a helpful learning blog. There are many great articles for new customers to learn and read while shopping. In addition, you can learn about cannabinoids like delta-8 when shopping here and what these treats offer.


  • Tested by a third-party lab
  • All-natural terpenes
  • Vegan-safe gummies
  • Subscribe & save options available for you


  • They only sell their products online

Customer Reviews

The fact that the gummies sell out, and the nearly perfect reviews for the treats, are all you need to know about the gummies offered by hemp company Budpop. These show you that the gummies are the best of the best and highly effective.

Users said their shopping experience was simple and fast. They appreciated how quickly the gummies worked.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Budpop”

#3. Hollyweed– Recommended Weed Gummies and THC Edibles

Hemp is processed and grown in the USA to make the Hollyweed gummies you know and love. They get their hemp from organic Colorado farms. Those tasked with creating the brand image are highly knowledgeable about hemp.

The company’s mission is to offer consumers well-being in all areas of life; for example, social, emotional, and physical well-being. The company knows that hollyweed wellness in all areas of life contributes to a well-rounded, healthy human.

Consumers can confidently enjoy these gummies, made with organic, natural components. In every jar, you’ll find 30 gummies, some and some mg delta-8 THC gummies, while others have 50mg. In addition, you can select from various fruity tastes, such as grape, orange, pineapple, and strawberry.

Hollyweed are well-known for providing high-quality goods, emphasizing safety, and their production methods. Testing their products with third-party labs helps them offer quality, safe products to their customers. In addition, posting the results on their website helps ensure trust among their loyal customers.


Hollyweed has a lot going for it. To start, this is a very reputable brand with features in publications like High Times and Forbes. All products sold here are naturally occurring chemical compounds and free of additives. Everything is organic.

Hollyweed is ideal if you want a great, safe way to relax, destress, and fight depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, we can’t provide prescription medications advice since we are not doctors, but anecdotal reviews show us that delta-8 may be helpful for these ailments.

Their high-quality ingredients are another feature we love about Hollyweed CBD. They choose unique ingredients to keep their gummies of the best quality around. In addition, the gummies are vegan and offer healthy foods like Spirulina and sunflower oil.


  • Competitively priced
  • All products tested by a third-party lab
  • Safe to consume
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Vegan-safe
  • Mixed flavor variety


  • You cannot buy single-flavor jars

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback shows us that Hollyweed Delta-8 CBD gummy treats have helped customers relieve various aches and pains, so if you’re looking for a natural way to get relief and fight pain, consider these gummy treats.

Customers appreciated the easy-open packaging and the soft texture of the gummy flavors. They also liked that all orders ship for free regardless of money spent.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Hollyweed”

#4. Diamond CBD –  Prominent THC Edibles With Varied Flavors

Diamond CBD had a great time making their Chill Plus delta-8 THC gummies, and their product line is enormous, including a vast range of edibles, tinctures, and vapes. You are free to select from delta-8 gummies with or without CBD. Anything you need for relaxation, you can find it here at Diamond CBD.

Their Chill Plus line of gummies gets you a vast assortment of chews that are perfect if you don’t care to smoke. You’ll find it easy and delicious to unwind with these gummy treats.

The Chill Plus gummies come in 10mg or 20mg per treat and offer a 1:1 delta-8 THC to CBD ratio. Their sizes are great, and you can enjoy up to 50 diamond CBD gummies in one jar, which helps keep you stocked up on relief for a while.


Vast Flavor Selection You’ll be blown away by the flavor selection offered by these gummies. They have gummies in categories by flavor. You can get the Chill Extreme treats in Fruity Mix or Tropical if you prefer. CBD is part of the blend for those gummies.

10X Brand: If you don’t want CBD included with delta-8, choose the 10x gummy brand. They are delta-8, and they taste so good. You can get flavors such as mango, Sweet ‘n Sour, Cream of the Crop, and many others. It’s an organic hemp product that is the joy of delta-8 in a flavor you like.

They don’t have artificial ingredients, nor do they have animal products. Their Chill Plus gummies are made with VG, coloring agents, and gelatin. These gummies are pretty pleasant, and we highly recommend them.

Sales: Every time we went to the Diamond CBD website, there was some form of a sale. Our department visited the website numerous times while researching, and we always found a sale. It usually isn’t a sitewide sale, but it’s easy to save on the best cannabinoids when you constantly check back.

Free Shipments Over $100: $100 is a lot of money, but if you’re looking to stock up, it’s easy to do so at this website. It’s perfect if you need these edibles for pain management. In addition, they send it via express shipping, making your stuff arrive faster than you imagined.

Lab Tested: The lab test results are a must whenever you seek a new delta-8 gummy treat. Thankfully, Diamond Plus doesn’t cheap out in this department. You must expand the product description and read the PDF file, showing you the results.

Accurate Labs out of Fort Lauderdale performs all testing. They are safe to consume, as evidenced by the test results.

Staff Is Great: Diamond CBD’s staff makes them the best around. These great associates are sure to help you find the products you want and answer questions you pose. They are reached using text, email, or telephone.

We asked a few queries ourselves and were met each time with friendly service.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • The effects last longer than most brands
  • Great for stress reduction
  • Everything is lab-tested for your safety


  • The extensive option selection could overwhelm new customers

Customer Reviews

Due to Diamond CBD creating their gummies using quality hemp plants, they’ve produced a ton of positive feedback.

Many users praised the gummies for offering a tranquil, pleasant feeling that went on for hours- they felt the product was worth the price. The gummies have also received a lot of praise thanks to how they fight pain.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Diamond CBD”

#5. 3Chi – Popular THC Gummies For Pain Relief

3Chi is a great brand, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into delta-8 products such as gummies. 3Chi was the first company to offer delta-8 in the United States, and they’ve certainly set a high standard for quality and efficacy.

3Chi has created a massive line of delta-8 products, but they’re also featuring other cannabinoids in their products. You can find CBN, CBG, CBD, and other delta-8 infused items. They will help you clear your mind, refocus and restore your balance to help you to feel complete relaxation.

3Chi delta-8 gummies come in two flavors; watermelon and black raspberry. You can enjoy two quantities of gummies as well. You can get them in a pack of 8, or you can choose a pack of 16 gummies as well. Each gummy offers 25mg in every piece.

They have delta-8 CBN gummies as well, and these are better if you seek fast relief. A 1:1 combo of hemp derived cannabinoids (12.5mg each) and CBC is also included. The only drawback is that these CBN gummies come in just one flavor, and we would like to see more in the future to promote variety.


Three Flavors: You can enjoy three different gummies when using 3Chi. They have standard delta-8 gummy treats in Blackberry and Watermelon flavors, and each has 25mg of delta-8 in each piece. They bring you a smooth high and offer a delicious treat as well.

You’ll also find THC-V and delta-8 gummies available. They get you the benefits of delta-8 and THC-V. They help you reduce your stress and increase your appetite. They come in blue raspberry flavor.

They have Comfortably Numb gummies for sale as well. These gummies provide the user CBN and delta-8 gummy treats to enjoy. You’ll get a relaxed high and feel like you’re floating.

Extraction Methods: How does the company extract its hemp? It is a question you have to ask when shopping. 3Chi employs the CO2 extraction method. First, you grind up plant material similar to that of coffee. Then, the operator puts it into the extraction chamber attached to the CO2 extraction system.

The chamber is then sealed, and the operator enters the parameters for extraction. The system pressure increases, and the temperature is heated to whatever the operator specified. CO2 will go through the chamber and the hemp inside.

The CO2 changes from gas to liquid thanks to the pressure and then picks up the oil all in the process. The oil then gets sent to the separation chamber, and the operator harvests it. Finally, the CO2 gets reconverted to gas, and the process continues until the machine stops. It’s an efficient way to get the hemp we love.

Lab Testing: The gummies offered by 3Chi are safe and effective, and you’ll feel highly confident when purchasing the chews. They are free of contaminants and instead have cannabinoids and terpenes you’ll crave.

Lab testing results are posted on the website by clicking on the top; just click where it says “testing” at the top bar to review the results for yourself.


  • Pure delta-8 THC is used in every gummy
  • Many flavors available for your enjoyment
  • It can help you fight anxiety, worries, and pain
  • Long-lasting effects to help you stay relaxed longer


  • Only two flavors of gummies are available

Customer Reviews

When you demand the best hemp-derived delta products, you must turn to 3Chi to get what you need. The company offers its customers a wide range of natural hemp goods, enjoying the top quality of these chewy gummy treats.

The website is well-constructed, and all products are organized well, making it very easy for you to find what you’re looking for without much effort required to do so. So whether you demand edibles for relaxation or recreation, you can count on 3Chi to deliver quality every time.

=> Click here to visit the official website “3Chi”

How We Chose Best Delta 8 Gummies Products

Hundreds of brands offer delta-8 products for sale- some are great, some are crap. Some don’t use the best ingredients and leave the customer to deal with low-quality, untested products that are potentially dangerous. So don’t fall for it- do your research to get gummies that don’t quit!

The upcoming list of how we hand-picked these products could help you form an opinion about choosing safe, effective and best delta-8 gummies. Please take some time to review the criteria below and use them to choose a brand that works for you.


When selecting the brands for our list, we thought of the choices offered to customers. Some people may not want a single flavor, and some need a potency that won’t quit.

However, some buyers want a small selection, so they aren’t overwhelmed. So, we chose companies with an extensive selection of gummy treats and other cannabinoids to keep everyone happy.

As a result, they will have what you need to feel your best.


The quality may not be there if a gummy is far too cheap. But, should it be too expensive, you won’t be able to afford the treatment. So, we attempted to include items that had excellent quality but weren’t so expensive you couldn’t afford them.

Some offered varied potencies, flavorings, and price tags, but perhaps they didn’t have free freight. But, there’s something for everybody on our list, and they are influential safe brands.

Customer Testimonials

The best way to discover if a product is good is to read reviews left by other customers. So we began by reading reviews on their product and other review pages to see what other customers were saying.

The bulk of reviews was good and didn’t discuss adverse side effects that resulted from using the treats. Next, we checked Youtube and social media for additional reviews. As long as most customers were happy, we kept the brand for our final list draft.

Hemp Source

The place your company is sourcing its hemp makes a difference. Hemp grown in the United States is the best choice. Hemp from Kentucky, California, Oregon, and Kentucky are ideal places for growing hemp. In addition, the soil quality for United States farms is ideal for growing hemp.

Third-Party Lab Testing

This aspect is most important when considering your delta-8 gummy choices. The third-party lab tests are essential because they tell you there are no harmful contaminants or residuals inside the gummies.

In addition, they indicate to you the terpenes and cannabinoids found within the treats. Finally, the tests indicate that the treats comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and contain 0.3% or less delta-9 THC. If you cannot find these lab tests on the website selling the gummies, go elsewhere for your delta-8 treats.

Buying Guide For Beginners: How Should We Consider Best D8 Gummies?

Now that we’ve rounded up the five best delta-8 brands in the world, how can you choose great gummies for yourself? First, you can look for a brand not featured on our list when you’re ready to try.

Value For Money

With inflation on the rise, we must do everything we can as consumers to save money. We know you need your relief, so we chose companies known for providing quality products and those who charged a fair price for their goods.

You should look for companies that have third-party testing as well- such tests aren’t cheap, but they are necessary to ensure you have a safe, clean product on your hands. It’s a cost of doing business, but good companies will charge accordingly, rolling the costs of these tests into the price of the gummy.

Moreover, check for brands that have discounts or deals available. All the companies on our list today usually have deals at some point- most often, you’ll see them around the holidays or on weekends. Sign up for the email lists of the brands so you’ll always know when to get the best bargains.

Company Reputation

Generally, the brand’s reputation speaks for itself and its services/products. It’s true, especially when talking about delta-8, where a brand’s reputation can make it sink or swim. Remember, the business is crowded with an extensive range of products and brands, all seeking a treasure cut.

Investing in a company like this could pose a problem if you’re unsure who you’re dealing with when you shop around for your gummies. So, select your hemp from quality businesses known to others because you can be sure of their products. Quality should always take precedence over everything else.

Independent Lab Testing

The Certificate of Analysis will show you what the lab finds while testing its products. It includes contaminants but also cannabinoids in the products. Ensure you look for a different company if they don’t offer lab testing for the products sold.

Mostly, if they don’t involve a third-party lab, the products aren’t as safe as they could be. For example, they could have impurities or delta-9 THC.


Think about the composition while choosing a brand for the best delta-8 gummies. Treats that have delta-9 THC and it may induce feelings of anxiety or paranoia. In addition, they could be illegal if they have more than 0.3% delta-9 THC, as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

The gummies you’ll find on our list- those offered by Exhale Wellness, Budpop, 3Chi, Diamond CBD, and Hollyweed- they’re all safe and legal. You can find third-party lab tests for all brands.

Customer Reviews

Reading reviews online is a fast, simple way to see all you need to know about your hemp company of choice. In addition, it’s a reliable way of learning what these brands offer because most delta-8 companies are new and may not have had time to create a reputation.

Companies may fake their reviews also, so ensure you identify some websites with reviews. But, if multiple folks post reviews on forums, youtube, or websites, you’re likely able to form an opinion about the product’s efficacy.

Source Of Hemp And Extraction Method

If the companies desire their items to be as safe as can be, they must use top-quality hemp. They’ll have to spend some funds on hemp farms using the best farming practices. It must come from farms with clean, contaminant-free soil, no pollution, and no mold on their plants.

The extraction procedure should also create a safe, clean extract that companies selling delta-8 can turn into delta-8. So, most companies use the CO2 extraction method, a clean and environmentally friendly way of going about it.

Ingredients You Can Identify

Top-quality delta-8 gummies will have a composition that you can identify. There will be a gummy base of pectin or gelatin, a sweetener, a coloring agent from artificial or natural sources, and the distillate.

Ensure you read the ingredients, so you know you’re OK with the list- sugar-free and vegan gummies are available.

Intended Use

Selecting the Budpop Blue Dream Berry Gummies or the 3Chi gummies, the Hollyweed adhesive squares, or the Exhale Wellness fruity gummies are all great choices if you seek to relax, fight chronic pain, and want something less substantial than delta-9 THC.

The 2022’s best delta-8 THC are high. The five brands of gummies featured are great for feelings of calm and relaxation. For example, budpop gummies are great because they have a 25mg dose per treat and can make you feel great all night or day.


You’ll want to consider the strength of your delta-8 gummies according to your needs. For example, do you need a small dose of 10mg to relax and unwind? Or are you dealing with extreme pain and require a larger dose of 25mg and up?

Speak with your physician first to ensure delta-8 is safe for you, and then work with them to figure out a strength that works for you. All brands featured have varying strengths to suit you.


What effects are you going for when purchasing your delta-8 gummies? If you demand ultimate relaxation, consider Diamond’s Chill Plus gummies. They combine CBD and delta-8 for maximum relaxation.  

If you want just to enjoy the effects of delta-8, gummies with nothing but that cannabinoid will do the trick. Exhale Wellness brand of delta-8 gummies are perfect for this purpose- they’ll do just what you expect in terms of a mood boost, appetite stimulation, and feelings of relaxation.

Customer Service

You may think you only have to worry about potency, flavor, and shipping speeds when buying your delta-8 gummies. However, focusing on a company’s customer service is a way to ensure you get the care you want and the gummies you need.

When reading reviews, check to see what other customers had to say about the service. Also, ensure you can identify where to send an email, make a phone call, or use the live chat feature if you have a question or concern about the order.

You might even ask a question just to see how the customer service team responds to you.

FAQs Regarding Delta 8 THC Gummies

What Is The Entourage Effect of Cannabis Plants?

The entourage effect tells us that THC works best when combined with other cannabis products, terpenes, and flavonoids instead of being taken by itself. When compared to THC isolate, it offers extraordinary benefits for the users.

While we mostly associate the entourage effect with delta-9 THC, the similarities of delta-8 and delta-9 indicate that the former could offer benefits when used with other cannabinoids.

For an anecdotal example, read the reviews of the Chill Plus gummies offered by Diamond CBD- customers love the combination of the two cannabinoids.

How Long Until The Gummies Kick In After I Take Them?

Thanks to delta-8 gummies being edibles, they may take about 1 hour or two to kick in, while smoking makes you high almost immediately. Of course, it will depend on a few factors: your height and weight, whether or not you have eaten recently, and your tolerance.

You should always go low and slow with edibles. Take your time and give them at least one hour to take effect after you’ve used them. Taking the gummies on an empty stomach may help you feel the effects faster.

Are Delta-8 Gummies Legal?

Yes. Currently, 11 states don’t permit the use of delta-8 THC products. In addition, other states have restricted their usage.

The states who do not permit their use are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. So, if you live in one of these states, you cannot legally use or purchase delta-8 THC.

But, things could change. Varying government agencies are continually reviewing the status of delta-8. In addition, some states have legalized marijuana, so things are beginning to improve for people that want to get high for relief or recreational purposes.

What Does A Delta-8 Gummy Feel Like After You’ve Taken It?

Delta-8 THC helps you feel relaxed. You’ll feel your stress melt away. Time may also slow down for you, and you may feel focused on what you’re doing without distractions or thinking about other tasks. You may also notice an increase in your appetite.

You may feel sleepy as well, which is why many folks rely on it for getting productive rest at night. Never use delta-8 while driving or operating machinery.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And Delta-8?

Hemp derived CBD will not produce a psychoactive high, but it will help you relax. It also won’t make you hungry. On the other hand, delta-8 produces a psychoactive high and could stimulate the appetite, colloquially known as the “munchies.”

Conclusion: Top Brands Of Hemp D8 Derived Products

Delta-8 gummies products are becoming very popular among those who love hemp plants or cannabis plants and just want a way to relax. These gummies are convenient to take on the road, discreet, and taste amazing. In addition, they provide a pleasant, relaxing buzz.

We hope this guide has helped you find some of the best delta-8 products for your needs, whether you need help falling asleep or just relaxing and forgetting your worries. We have thoroughly researched and even tested the products to ensure they’re worth offering.

So, the ball is in your court. You can choose from many notable brands above to conveniently deliver your daily dose of relaxation to your front door.

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