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Beginners guide to choosing the correct LED Grow Light

Affordable LED Grow Light Reviews September 2017

Beginners guide to choosing the correct LED Grow Light

Beginners guide to choosing the correct LED Grow Light

How do I choose the Best Led Grow Light?

This is a question we hear all too often and we see so much terrible advice given to new growers. Most of this advice is given for the sheer fact people are paid to recommend certain products and they have little to no experience with the  products they are recommending.

To answer your questions, the way to choose the best LED Grow light on the market is to find someone who has been growing for numerous years and has experimented with several LED lights as well as the size of your grow room/rooms.

  • Grow Room Size: You should definitely consider the size of your grow room. You can determine the number of LED’s you need as well as the types of LED’s needed to provide you with optimal growth. You can always add more lights as your operation grows. You would simply place additional lighting on the opposite side of the lights you currently have.
  • Area each LED Covers: Look at the area each individual LED covers and for larger grow rooms choose the light that has the largest angle. The lesser the angle the more direct light that will be shined down onto your plants. Have you ever taken a flashlight and screwed the head clockwise and then counter clockwise? Did you notice how the light fanned out and then then came back in? This is the exact principle we are describing with these led’s.

Are you wanting to achieve a full grow with just one light or do you wish to purchase LED’s for the vegetative phase of growth and then switch to a specific light spectrum for the Budding phase of growth?

This should also be taken into account when you are choosing the best LED grow lights for your particular grow.

Rather your grow op is commercial or personal defines the amount of lighting. While it does not define the quality of buds you are after a personal grow tends to be much smaller than that of a commercial grow operation as well as the frequency of crops you grow. You can get by with much cheaper lighting on a personal grow than you can a commercial one.

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