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Affordable LED Grow Lights Reviewed

Affordable Led Grow Lights Reviewed:

When choosing a led grow light for your indoor garden you should take a few key facts into consideration. We have answered the commonly asked question “How do I choose the best led grow light?” in it’s own article to guide any beginner to choosing a quality led grow light setup.

We have reviewed affordable led grow lights for beginners and answered commonly asked questions about choosing the best led grow light for your indoor grow room.



Unifun 45W Led Grow Light Review

Unifun Led Grow Light

The unifun Led Grow light is a very affordable option for the beginner just starting with growing cannabis indoors.

  • This Led Grow light is perfect for those looking to only have to include one grow light in their grow room for both the veg and flowering cycles. A lot of other common led grow lights, you must change for each phase of the growth cycle.
  • The new and upgraded Unifun led grow light includes both UV and IR which is ideal for many types of indoor plants including marijuana plants from seeds to buds.
  • This grow light features the same reds/blues/ir/uv as direct sunlight would provide your marijuana plants. This allows for optimal growth.
  • This Affordable LED Grow Light by unifun performs like a high cost led, uses less energy, and has very high luminous efficiency, and boasts a long life of over 50,000 hours of on time.
  • The heat sinks have been upgraded on this model which eliminated fan noise.

This light comes with all necessary hardware to hang it, all you have to do is plug and play. We recommend two of these for a 8×4 grow tent. The manufacturers suggested coverage area is 9 sq.ft at 18 in, 12sq.ft at 25 in.

This led grow light is backed with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee best of all as well as included is a 12 month warranty.

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Venoya 150W equivalent Led Grow Light Review

Venoya 150w equivalent led grow light

The Venoya 150w Led Grow Light is another very affordable led grow light option that is well suited for a beginner looking for a quality led lighting system for growing marijuana indoors. 

  • The Venoya 150W led grow light is waterproof. Made with an aluminum frame and PMMA cover. This is a sturdy build light designed to block water. This light can be used in high humidity environments and worth with any irrigation systems. 
  • This led grow light features a 0-100 dimming switch. You can extend the savings on your electric bill by pinching every last penny using this dimming switch.
  • This grow light has 289 LEDs, replace 100-150W HPS grow light with true power consumption of 45W. 
  • TARGETED SPECTRUM & WIDE APPLICATION. This grow light provides the wavelength that plants require (450nm-465nm 630nm-660nm etc). Widely used for indoor marijuana cultivation.Coverage Area: 
    1.66’x1.66’ @(1.00’ height)
    2.17’x2.17’ @(1.64’ height)
    3.46’x3.46’ @(3.28’ height)
    Suggested Height: 1-2ft2 year warranty. Perfect cooling capacity, and long life-span. 30 day satisfaction guarantee! 100% money back!This affordable led grow light includes all necessary hardware for hanging. All you need to do is plug and play into your grow room. 
Venoya Dimmable led grow light

Venoya Led Grow Lights

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ColoFocus 600W LED Indoor Plants Grow Light Kit Review

colofocus led grow light

The Colofocus 600w equivalent led grow light is a step up from the previous two grow lights recommended and reviewed.

Application: Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used for indoor marijuana cultivation. Featuring 600w equivalent lighting with double chips, 10W Leds which is much brighter and efficient than the typical 3w and 5w leds most led grow lights include. Only consuming approximately 110-120w of power. Very long life span as well as shocking brightness. 

  • Produced by an 8 year old professional led grow light manufacturer who has dedicated countless hours of research for optimal plant growth factors. 
  •  Dual cooling fans in every grow light kit, keep lights working longer by maintaining optimal temperature. Each individual led has a resistor to keep them working separate. 
  • LED lights: 60Pcs 10W Double Chips LED (Red 38pcs,Blue 12pcs,White 8pcs,UV1pcs, IR1pcs)
  • Dimensions: 12.2*8.27*2.36inch/310*210*60 mm
  • Coverage Area: Approximately 3.5 × 4 sq. Ft. (Lighting area and height varies according to plant and environment
  • Lumens: 6000lm

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BESTVA 800W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 

BESTVA 800W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Take the next step up in quality led grow lights for growing marijuana and other indoor plants. This grow light puts off the equivalent of 800w of power. 

  • Latest Led grow light technology: Dual-chip(10W) LEDs which is much brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. It is the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER LED
  • Full Spectrum 800 watt led grow lights are beneficial to plants, vegetables and flower indoor growing at all stages, just like in the natural sunshine
  • Powerful Cooling Fan System, cool and quiet. Holes on the aluminum panel and the glass make heat convection, run 50~60℉ lower than any other lights
  • Compares to 400 watt HPS while consuming only 150 watts! Twice effective coverage area than any Reflector Series lights, perfect for a 4.5′ x 4′ growing area at 24″ height
  • 3 years warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee

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GoGrow V3
Go Grow V3 LED Grow Lights

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Lights are efficient grow lights that require no hood in order to operate. They are slim and minimalistic, requiring no ballast and no ducting in order to work properly. After every grow, you won’t have to replace the bulbs which is so common with other grow lights. These have been specifically designed to grow plants in a small area such as a grow room, a greenhouse, a grow tent or a plant factory. The extra red spectrum of lights gives the plants what they need to flourish and produce large, ultra dense buds. This makes the GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Lights ideal for use with any sort of style, from seedling to vegetative to flowing and cloning growths. 

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Ammon Led Grow Lights

The AMMON LED Grow Light possesses super bright double LED chips that allow your plants to grow in abundance and with the perfect amount of light to keep them healthy. They offer a high brightness level that consumes minimal power so that your light bill won’t skyrocket like it might with other lights. It offers an ultra long life of up to 50,000 hours before you need to change the bulbs. It offers a full spectrum color ratio that features red, blue, white, UB and IR lighting to help your plants to grow, flourish and bloom. These lights are simple to install with the included hanging hooks, and the inclusion of the upgraded aluminum heat sinks and six different fans ensures the dissipation of heat.

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The BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

Best Led Grow Light

The BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light is a full spectrum grow light that offers 2,000 watts of power. These grow lights offer plenty of light to plants at all grow stages, just as the full spectrum of light from the sun would offer them in natural growth environments. It offers a powerful fan system that runs at an ultra quiet decibel while evenly distributing the heat across all of your plants. There are holes on the al

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